RODA CAR - Ride + Runner on demand

RODA car carry passenger like other e-hailing does. But wait, we have more. Our dedicated and professional driver can run errands (runners task) too. Bigger stuff, more items and even in rain , which our rodabike limited to do, RODA CAR is here to the rescue.

Yes, our minimum fee is double, but bear in mind, that RM 10 minimum is include the "task" for run errand which you cannot get by others E-hailing operator for the moment. 

We are cheaper for long distance (>20km) travel. Its only (rm 0.80 to rm 1.00 / km) after that minimum charges. 

p/s : We can do advance booking too. If flight, bus and train can be advance book, why not your ride? Stay organize and avoid last minute hustle to find your ride. Some customer waste time to arrive too early too because they afraid of no driver will pick them up, not anymore, choose RODA CAR